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Travel Agent (Milwaukee)
"Bridal Expo Chicago continually brings in a good number of brides to their shows, making it worthwhile to exhibit with them. Their team is always ready to help if you need anything last minute. Working with them over the last 12+ plus years has greatly expanded my Honeymoon business."
- Lisa Hoppe, Owner, Lisa Hoppe Travel Consulting, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
DJ, Live Musicians, Decor
"What an amazingly successful Bridal Show yesterday, thanks to Bill Brennan and the entire Bridal Expo Chicago + Milwaukee team! To our clients and fellow vendors, please don't hesitate to check out the amazing Bridal Expo Chicago shows! They are an amazing group of people who truly care about giving brides and grooms the best possible wedding experience. Each time we walk in for a show Lisa Ellis, Amy Kusch Craig, Jim Verraros, and of course, Bill Brennan greet us all by name and give us the ideal table location we like because they know us so well. If you're a vendor, getting a booth at these shows is a no-brianer! Thanks guys!"
-Al Okyne, Owner Okyne Medialab
Wedding Planner (Chicago)
"As an event and wedding industry professional, as well as a small business owner, I am always looking for opportunities to increase our exposure to potential clients. The choice to invest in a Bridal Expo Chicago booth has been one of the best choices I've made. In one day, I was able to get in front of hundreds of brides. I was armed with quantifiable knowledge about them thanks to the very qualified team at Bridal Expo Chicago, who took a hands-on approach and made me feel very valued, in addition to providing me with relevant information and tips to assist me and my business. I've found the choice to invest in a Bridal Expo Chicago booth to be both savvy and quantifiably rewarding and am so glad I've partnered with their team."
- Michelle Durpetti, Owner, Michelle Durpetti Events Chicago
Travel Agent (Chicago)
"Even with COVID and many steps taken to keep attendees and vendors safe, the shows did not seem to skip a beat. Attendees all seemed very engaged, and we had a great time working our booths. We booked 2 large destination weddings from the shows, with one coming the day after the show, as well as 5 honeymoons. We are still confident that we will have more bookings from the shows as potential clients have continued to reach out, and many were not getting married until 2022-2023 as concerns with COVID had them continue to postpone wedding dates."
- Tyler Stiscak, Owner, CS Elements Travel LLC Chicago
Photography (Chicago)
"Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We are extremely happy with the results from the last show and have surpassed $20,000 in bookings from just that show. What an ROI!! Right now we are slammed and can't do the next show, but will be looking to do more later this year."
- Bryan Pattison, Eight Hands Photography Chicago
Venue & Reception (Chicago)
"We booked 2 weddings from our first show, and one was $14,000! Bridal Expo Chicago is a great way to gain exposure for your business, as well as meet potential clients on a personal level and share your services with them."
- Jessica Sclafin, Director of Events, The DuPageClub Chicago
Insurance Agent | Auto, Home, Life, Business
"As a State Farm Agent, we pride ourselves in helping and protecting newly engaged couples and their families. Our partnership and booth participation with our friends at Bridal Expo Chicago give our agency a tremendous opportunity to grow our revenue when we meet with and help hundreds of prospective clients at every show. We have been an exhibitor at 12 of their bridal shows at Georgios Orland Park for four years. It's been great for us. Thank you. Bridal Expo Chicago, we appreciate what you do for us!"
- Ken Anderson, Owner State Farm Chicago
Makeup & Hair (Chicago)
"The Bridal Expo Chicago truly exemplifies what the modern, style-savvy bride is looking for. Each vendor represented is of the most elite in the industry. The displays are incredible with gleaming "sneak peaks" of what your dream wedding will look like. The runway show is not only fun and exciting but an excellent display of the industry's top designers' dream gowns.

The models look as if they just stepped out of a magazine. Every detail has been given the utmost attention, down to the lighting, music, and hair and makeup on each gorgeous model is a perfect compliment to the show-stopping gowns. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a vendor, or a designer, this is definitely a show not to be missed!

Several other bridal shows have asked us to exhibit and also to provide hair and makeup for their runway shows, we don't even take a second look because the luxury bridal expo is genuinely the only one that we will associate our name with. It is luxury, it is modern, and it is what I want my company name to be attached to. I am proud to have my company be a part of the Luxury Bridal Expo."
- Tamara Lathrop-Granath, Owner- Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry Chicago
DJ & PhotoBooth (Chicago)
"Hi Bill, After a few months back in the expo, here is a true statement: "Our company was experimenting with a variety of marketing ideas with the goal of doubling our bookings. After just a few expos, we are already hiring more staff to keep up with the demand-driven from each show! Bridal Expo Chicago has not only helped us triple our business with sales and bookings, but it has also become the center of our marketing campaign and will continue to be for years to come!" Looking forward to seeing even more growth between our businesses!"
- Ryan Gorey. Owner & Lead Event Coordinator RGML Entertainment LLC, Chicago
Wedding Cake Baker (Chicago)
"Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury is one of the very few events in Chicago where I actually book business. I've always made my return on investment with them and they always deliver quality brides consistently at every event I've participated in. These guys are serious business and respect us as vendors. If you're looking to grow your business, Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury is the way to do it."
- Naomi Levine, Owner, Tipsycake Chicago
Photography (Milwaukee)
- Jonathan's Portraits, Jon Roob Milwaukee
Gift Registry
"I have done a fair amount of business off the show already! The brides seemed very comfortable with the format, and I know two of the vendors have told me personally that they each booked two weddings from the show already. I believe strongly that you are doing the right thing by pushing forward with the shows, and I will promote your shows any chance I get. Well done! Keep up the good work."
- Daniel Beaman, Midwest Lifestyles LLC Milwaukee
Tuxedo Formalwear
"A HUGE Thank You to Bridal Expo Chicago for their truly awesome shows. We attend about 10 shows each year, and this fall, we are averaging 20 weddings per week!! 70% of our weddings come to us from contacts we have made at their bridal shows. If you are in the wedding industry and are hesitant about jumping into a Bridal Expo Chicago show, you are losing weddings and profits every week! So stop waiting and doubting, and sign up for the next show!"
- Ed Lomnicki, Owner Gentlemen's Quarters Formalwear Chicago
Cinematographer (Chicago & Worldwide)
"Bill Brennan, Jim Verraros, and the Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Team always bring top designers and companies to their events. Since 2009, our company has connected with great vendors and consistently booked quality clients at Bridal Expo events. Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Events is a great source of wedding inspiration in the Midwest. If you're a business owner or an engaged couple, we highly recommend attending!"
- Steve Gribben & Ton-Essa La'Rocque; Owners, Loudbyte Cinematography
Boudoir Photographer (Milwaukee & Chicago)
"I booked 3 weddings and 5 boudoir sessions from the Sheraton Brookfield show! This was one of the BEST shows I have been a part of. I am thankful Bridal Expo put the show together for us."
- Sandra Ortiz, Sandra Ortiz Photography Milwaukee
Film & Video (Chicago)
"Working with Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury over the past 7 years has been a great experience and helped grow my own company beyond my expectations. A significant amount of our business comes directly from the shows, as well as continued referrals from these brides. The entire team is great to work with and responsive, and the shows are always beautiful and full of energy, an environment in which I'm proud to showcase my business. Bill took the time to sit down with me, get to know and understand my company's vision and goals, and guide me in integrating the appropriate marketing to maximize our results. Thank you, guys, and I look forward to working with you again!"
- Mark Wynimko, President, Wynn Films Chicago
Tuxedo Formalwear (Milwaukee)
"I really like the fact that brides/grooms could only come through the rooms one way. It helped make less congestion enabling us to spend a bit more time with them than we usually can. I also loved that the vendor tables were spread out a bit more. It didn't lend to a cramped feeling, and it didn't make it feel like your neighbor was encroaching on your space. The fact that there wasn't a fashion show seemed to help as well. Usually, after the show, things die way down, and we end up barely talking to anyone afterward. This time we talked to people right up until the end!!"
- DuBois Formalwear, Wendy Moon Milwaukee
Florist (Chicago)
"Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Events have been the single most effective marketing for my business. This year, over 41% of my bookings came directly from contacts made at their events, including brides with the highest budgets. Not only are the shows fantastic, well organized, and always packed with potential clients, but the support I have received from Jim, Bill, and the staff has been key in turning those contacts into bookings. They are not just interested in selling a booth; they really care about the success of their exhibiting businesses."
- Laura Ambrose, Owner & CEO of Gardeenia Floral Design Chicago
Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine (Chicago)
"We have been proud to have a partnership with Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Events for the past seven years. Having our magazine on the chairs at each fashion show is such a special touch, and many of the designers we feature in our pages are then seen live right on their runway. The high level of vendors and fashion are a perfect mix, and they do it well in a very big way."
- Amy Allen, Group Publisher Modern Luxury Brides (Chicago Social) Chicago
DJ, Photobooth, Talent (Chicago)
"I have been a wedding professional for 20yrs and have owned my own company for 10yrs. I have used services to market my business, such as the Knot, Bridal Expos, Wedding Wire, and Yelp. My experience is black and white, as soon as I paid for my Yelp advertising, I became an AD, and my YELP business dropped 50%. I had 5 Stars at the time, and their response was I had to upgrade. I was already paying $700/mo. Wedding Wire, even with good reviews, had a poor ROI, another $500/mo, and Print Advertising is nearly dead.

Then we have Bridal Expo Chicago, and they have vendors that have remained loyal for nearly 20yrs that DON'T pay those other advertisers a dime. THEY ONLY DO SHOWS! It makes sense, right? 500 brides you can talk to and show off your stuff in a few hours. You get all their contact info and wedding date after the show to follow up. It's a NO brainer.

OK, now I've helped you figure out where to spend your advertising dollars. Now I'll deliver my true experience with Bill, Jim, Paula, and the rest of the crew. They are NOT some large greedy corporation and actually care about everyone that works with them and offer a personal touch to ensure their vendors succeed. I have been able to communicate on a transparent, personal, yet highly professional level with the CEO of a company through TEXT, FB, and personal cell phone to conduct business. This does NOT happen with other outfits.

Thank you, Bridal Expo Chicago, for your personal attention to my business; 2016, 2017, and 2018 would not be a success without you."
- Corey Sanford, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of Talent Acquisition Chicago
Photography (Chicago)
"If there's one contract for marketing dollars that always gets signed, it's this one. Without question, Bill and his team at Bridal Expo Chicago put on the only quality shows in the industry. I think it is because they care equally about the experience and quality of the shows for both the brides AND the vendors. These expos allow us to connect personally to thousands of new, affluent brides in a year in a short period of time- impossible in any other way. It gives brides a sneak-peak in a no-pressure environment that ultimately drives them to pick up the phone, get in their cars and hold consultations with us!"
- Timothy Whaley, President of TWA Photographic Artists Chicago
Health & Fitness (Milwaukee)
"The show went very well. I actually liked the format with the maze-type approach covid or not, it allowed us more time to be with each bride."
- Legacy Salon and Day Spa, Mike Kramer Milwaukee
Wedding Planner & Author (Chicago)
"For about 2 years, I contemplated showcasing my company at one of the local expos. After thorough research, I found Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury. Looking for some immediate exposure, I decided to do the March event at the Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel. I have to say, I am so glad I did it! Brides were ready to book on the spot. I had multiple appointments just from a quick chat with brides at the show. We have already booked five of those brides and have more pending and ready-to-book. Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury was worth every penny and the staff is very helpful. They give you all the tools needed to do well. All you have to do is follow their advice and come prepared to "wow" these brides. Jim was amazing!!! He took his time to answer all my questions and put me in the right direction. I will definitely be showcasing at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury again. It was such a great investment for my company and worth every penny."
- Akeshi Akinseye, Owner & Creative Director, Kesh Event Production Chicago
Photographer (Chicago)
"I just wanted to thank you all for putting on such a great show! I have already booked one wedding since the show three days ago, and I have had a few e-mails between brides to schedule a time to meet regarding their wedding. Y'all did a great job putting it together, and also the lead list has been extremely useful! I will definitely be booking another show, probably within the next few months. Thanks and have a good day!"
- Macey, Owner, Amaceying Photography Chicago Chicago
Home Improvement (Milwaukee)
"Well done! Keep up the good work."
- Lynn Wrench Window Select, Marketing Representative Chicago and Milwaukee
Photographer & PhotoBooth (Chicago)
"After 15 years in the wedding photography business, changing technologies and a poor economy almost had me throw in the towel. Conventional methods of advertising, such as magazine ads and direct mail, were not effective, and I was at the end of my rope, and frustrations were mounting.

Dena from Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury had approached me to do the show with them, which I politely declined, at first, citing financial constraints. After a few more calls from her, I decided to do a show with them in October 2011 and then in November 2011. I am so pleased and impressed with the results. I have had tremendous success with the shows, and since then, I have signed up for 11 shows in 2012.

From despair to success is what I experienced. I highly recommend Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury to all wedding industry professionals. The Staff, particularly Dena, Paula, and Lisa have been amazing. I thank you for all you do and look forward to a long, lasting working relationship."
- Sal Merchant, Owner, Concept One Photography Chicago
Cinematographer (Chicago & Worldwide)
"Bill Brennan, Jim Verraros, and the Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Team always bring top designers and companies to their events. Since 2009, our company has connected with great vendors and consistently booked quality clients at Bridal Expo events. Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Events is a great source of wedding inspiration in the Midwest. If you're a business owner or an engaged couple, we highly recommend attending!"
- Steve Gribben & Ton-Essa La'Rocque; Owners, Loudbyte Cinematography
Tuxedo Formalwear (Chicago)
"I can strongly recommend Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Shows to any new vendors or sponsors. Bill, Jim, and the rest of the staff not only excel in professionalism but in marketing. Over the last 7 years, I've learned they truly care about their client's success. Their customer service does not stop at the beginning of the relationship- they do a fantastic job of assisting clients before, during, and after the show. With the power of their brand and the consistency of high attendance at every show, we have found their shows to be the best choice for our company."
- Joann Ambriz, President, Formally Modern Tuxedo Chicago
Video & Cinematography Milwaukee
"Our account manager was a fantastic resource for our very first wedding show with the Bridal Expo Milwaukee. He thoroughly explained the process and promptly answered all of our questions, and we had a ton of questions. He went the extra mile to meet us at an advance event, so that we could put together a better plan for our booth. He also thanked us with a gift card and motivational book, which were appreciated. On the day of the show, even though he was incredibly busy, he made sure to stop by our booth and to make sure we had what we needed for a successful event. He keeps his customers at the forefront, and he will help you navigate the wedding show process with outstanding professionalism."
- Cindy and Dean Johnson; Owners, Sweet Pea Cinema Milwaukee
Bridal Designer (Worldwide)
"My experience working with the team behind Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury has been amazing from the get-go. They offer such a unique and focused marketing tool that has enhanced and grown our brand in the Chicago area dramatically. They produce exquisite events and showcase our couture gowns on the runway for brides to view in a way that would normally be impossible! I highly recommend working with this professional team of bridal experts to expose your brand to a whole new audience of affluent brides."
- David Gomez Pearlberg; COO for Junko Yoshioka Bridal Couture
Cake Baker (Chicago)
"Thank you very much, Bridal Expo Chicago! It's been a pleasure and a privilege to be one of the vendors at the Double Tree Oak Brook show on Sunday; excellent organization and very friendly people at all times. We are going to continue to attend the shows. The response from the brides was outstanding. This a great opportunity for any business owner to promote their business. Special thanks to Amy and Bill for taking the time to come to our booth and making sure our needs were we were okay."
- Monica Binciguerra, Owner, Delicity Cakes Chicago
Bridal Designer (Worldwide)>
"Working with you and your team at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury was a wonderful experience and a way to promote our business to an upscale Chicago audience. Your team is dedicated and committed to hand-selecting the city's best vendors and creating a show that exudes true luxury. Carol's commentary during the show was smooth and informative, and we were very excited to be able to make a guest appearance during the show. Thank you again for inviting Ines Di Santo to participate in your flawless event. You selected the perfect venue to represent our brand, and you really know how to treat your Designers and showcase their collections to the right audience in an elegant and informative way."
- Veronica Di Santo and Ines Di Santo, Ines Di Santo
Cosmetics Direct Sales (Milwaukee)
"Great Job and well put together with or without the crazy pandemic going on right now."
- Color Street, Heidi Stochhausen Milwaukee
Invitations & Wedding Stationery (Chicago)
"Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury is the only show we will exhibit within. Their marketing, locations, and brides are all top-notch. They always reinforce the luxury brand, and we see their advertising everywhere. We've seen our clientele grow by more than 25% and Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury will always be the cornerstone of our marketing budget."
- Kasey Larson, Owner, DBY Custom Invitations Chicago
Bridal Salon Owners (Chicago)
"Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury produces the most professional and elegant bridal events in the Midwest. The shows connect wedding vendors and brides in a personal and exciting environment that ultimately drives results. We are proud to be a part of the show."
- Natalie Bauer & Melissa Russell, Owners, Bella Bianca Bridal Couture Chicago
Jeweler (Chicago)
"We decided to give it a shot and I was thrilled with the responses received! Both brides and grooms expressed a genuine interest in our services. Couples from the Bridal Expo Chicago have visited us for items such as engagement rings, wedding bands, re-designing settings, etc., and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. This was money well spent."
- Larry Zimont, Owner, Ethan Lord Jewelers Chicago
Designer (Worldwide)
"I loved being a featured designer at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury! I couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic, packed audience. Bill and Jim help make the presentation seamless and compelling. The runway presentation not only increased brand recognition but resulted in an increase in sales in the area. Not only for featured styles but the collection as a whole. And not just bridal- Evening wear got a tick too! Amazing!"
- Leigh Price; Designer for Stephen Yearick and Ysa Makino
Venue & Catering
"Michael at Bridal Expo Chicago is great to work with! Being new to the Bridal shows proved to be easy and fun with Mike. He guided us through the necessary steps to ensure we had a successful event! We booked 2 weddings from our first show! Bridal Expo Chicago is a great way to gain exposure for your business, as well as meet potential clients on a personal level and share with them your services. I would definitely recommend Bridal Expo Chicago and Mike to anyone looking to promote their wedding business."
- Jessica Sclafin, Director of Events, The DuPageClub Chicago
Invitations & Photography (Chicago)
"Our relationship with Bridal Expo Chicago has been a rewarding and beneficial experience from the very beginning. Exhibiting with them gives a company like ours, a growing and small-family business, a place to showcase our work alongside the "best" in the bridal industry. We appreciate their hard work, attention to detail, and customer service, which Bridal Expo Chicago provides to its clients. From the set-up crew, to the office and sales team, to the owners, we greatly value our relationship."
- Brooke Randazzo Eggert, owner / creative director r3mg:: creative boutique Chicago
Wedding Cake Baker
"Bill Brennan and Jim Verraros at Bridal Expo Chicago are experts on the Chicago Wedding industry. They are leading the way with bringing new trends and fantastic vendors together for Chicago brides. We have partnered with Bridal Expo Chicago for many years and have benefited greatly from our relationship."
- Amy Beck, Owner, Amy Beck Cake Design, LLC. Chicago
Bridal Designer (Worldwide)
"For the past 2 years, I have been lucky enough to come and represent Justin Alexander as one of its designers at what I consider to be the BEST Luxury Bridal Event in the USA. Thanks to everyone at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury for making me feel so at home and allowing me to show our collection in your amazing runway show. To Bill, Jim, and Carol, you make this the highlight of my year."
- Jose Dias for Justin Alexander
DJ & Photobooth (Chicago)
"Bill, Jim, and the team at Bridal Expo Chicago have been an integral component of our business. Their attention to detail and follow-through with their shows is evident in the clientele we encounter at each show and the support we receive afterward. They truly treat our relationship as a partnership. "When we succeed, then they succeed."
- Laura Flamion and Ron Hernandez, Owners, Spinnin' Discs Entertainment Chicago
Photographer (Chicago)
"My experience with showing at the Bridal Expo Chicago was incredible from start to finish! The personal attention from our account manager began only a few hours after submitting a contact form to learn more information. He called to learn more about my business and to see how the Bridal Expo Chicago team could assist with my goals.

While he explained the benefits of each upcoming show, his guidance to the ones that would best fit my business was very helpful! In addition, he answered countless questions that I had throughout the months leading up to the show, ensuring that I felt very prepared. This above-and-beyond customer service was a soli foreshadowing of the excellent experience I would have at the show, as well.

Michael checked in with me personally to ensure that I was taken care of that day, and helped direct me to other vendors I might want to know as colleagues. In addition, the entire staff that day - especially the crew that helped load my stuff in/out of the show - were friendly and helpful. Bridal Expo Chicago has perfected the luxury bridal show! Every couple I saw seemed to be enjoying every bit of their experience, and I was able to have conversations with couples that stopped by my booth.

As a small business owner, I want my marketing efforts to be worth it, and I can tell you now that with the proper follow-up Bridal Expo Chicago recommends, the show was worth it! I highly recommend Bridal Expo Chicago and its knowledgeable, friendly staff. Michael's follow-up and incredible attentiveness made the experience that much more enjoyable. It made all the difference, and he's a total rock star!"
- Robyn Schwab, Robyn Photography Chicago
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 410 * Chicago, IL 60611 * (312) 427-4325
400 River Ridge Drive * Elgin, IL 60123 * (847) 428-3320
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 410 * Chicago, IL 60611 * (312) 427-4325
400 River Ridge Drive * Elgin, IL 60123 * (847) 428-3320
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