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You know what you want when you see it! See it all at Bridal Expo Chicago + Milwaukee and save countless hours from traveling all over town in search of the perfect vendors for the most important day in your life! You and your entire bridal party will see the best-of-the-best in wedding products and services and discover all that is new and different this season for weddings in just one afternoon or evening. To make the most of your visit to our exclusive event, we suggest several tips:
When Is The Show The Least Crowded?
Some attendees feel anxious around larger crowds or want to have long conversations with their favorite exhibitors. If this describes you, our advice is to attend during the least busy time of the event, which is normally 1.5 hours after the doors open. So for a Sunday show with hours from 11:30am to 4:00pm, the least busy time is typically between the hours from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Our fashion shows run from 2:30 to 3:15pm. If you are an early riser, you may choose to arrive at the event ½ hour before the official time listed on our website or tickets. Normally, we open the show early to create a better experience for all of our guests.
What Should I Bring to The Show?
Bring pre-printed address labels! Many vendors will ask for your contact information in order to follow up on a product or service you are interested in or invite you to enter their drawings for special gifts and prizes. And don’t forget your date book, checkbook or credit card. You may find one or more vendors that you might like to book right away or you might want to schedule a personalized consultation following the show. Many exhibitors offer “show-only” discounts or bridal show specials which may require a small deposit.
How Much Time Should I Spend at Bridal Expo?
You will want to allocate between 2 and 4 hours of your time, so that you visit with as many wedding exhibitors as possible. Remember, it could take you two months to see the same number of vendors if you drove to each of their locations. Our fashion shows are very popular so arrive to the fashion show area at least ½ hour early to avoid disappointment. Seating is sometimes limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. If crowds make you anxious, it is better to arrive at the show one and a half hours after the published time that the doors open.
Who Should I Bring With Me to The Show?
You will probably want to invite up to 4 people in your entire bridal party including the groom. They can help you cover twice as much ground and help share in the planning process by offering their opinions and thoughts about the potential choices of wedding vendors.
Are Children Allowed to the Expo?
While the Expo is designed for adults, we do allow children to attend and there is no charge for admission age 12 and under. However, please note that for the safety and well being of all toddlers, we do not permit baby strollers. Baby strollers can accidentally bump into exhibit displays causing glass or sharp objects to fall and severely injure your child or cause death.
Are Prizes Given Out During The Show?
Bridal Expo awards all of the prizes for each show at the beginning and end of each fashion show. You must be present at the time we call your name and identify yourself as “present,” otherwise we call additional names until all the prizes are awarded. Check our Prizes and Sweepstakes page for additional information. Prizes awarded by individual exhibitors at our shows are the sole responsibility of the business which sponsors them. Some exhibitors require winners to pick up prizes in person at their place of business after the close date of their contests.
How Long Does The Fashion Show Last?
The runway fashion show lasts for approximately 45 minutes and is a highlight of each event. Seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Approximately 60 wedding gowns and attendant dresses are featured at every event and a complimentary fashion show program is available that lists all dress and style numbers featured in the show.
Can I Take Photos or Video of the Fashion Show?
Photography and video is permitted for personal use only and may not be reproduced without the written consent of Bridal Expo, Inc and may not be used to advertise a company or product. However, you can use the photos you take for all social media platforms.
How Do I Change My Reservations?
We have a record of your ticket order and you can always call us at 847-428-3320 x225 if you have questions, want more information or need to change your reservation. This helps us keep track of the total number of guests who will attend each show and help us avoid overcrowding. The tickets mailed to you contain all of our show dates on the reverse side in case you want to make a change.
Do You Sell My Name or Private Information?
We do not sell your name or personal data to any third parties. The terms of use of our website and our policy for attending our shows can be found on our ticket order page. If you register to attend our show or sign up for more information with any exhibitors at the show and feel you are being spammed, kindly call our office at 847-428-3320 x221 and we will help contact that vendor and ask them to remove you from any further communication. (Most businesses include a one touch opt out button for your convenience.) Our goal is to help you plan your wedding, not to complicate it. If you are using a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account, your settings are already in place that puts all unapproved email communication into your junk folder.
What If I Have A Complaint?
We strive to give all of our guests a great experience and to be perfect in every way possible. If something happens at the show that you feel we should know about, kindly call our offices at 847-428-3320 x221. We will listen and do our best to correct any issue or problem you may have experienced.
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 410 * Chicago, IL 60611 * (312) 427-4325
400 River Ridge Drive * Elgin, IL 60123 * (847) 428-3320
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 410 * Chicago, IL 60611 * (312) 427-4325
400 River Ridge Drive * Elgin, IL 60123 * (847) 428-3320
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